Customize group subscriptions

Admins can restrict up to 5 custom domains per group subscription. Members will need an email address from one of those domains to create a group member account and access content. Additionally, admins have the ability to customize the group's name, adding a professional touch to their collective identity.

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Restrict group subscriptions to email domains

Admins can enable domain-specific subscription control, allowing members to subscribe and create a group member account from up to 5 registered email domains.

This change is set at the group subscription level which means that for a plan, each group subscription can have different domain whitelists.

Navigate to the group manager's profile, scroll to the Subscriptions section, click on the group subscription. Then scroll to Restrict by email domain click Add domain, type in the root domain, and click Add.

Restrict sign up by domain

When someone tries to join the group subscription, we will verify if the email domain is included in the allowlist. If it's on the list, we’ll continue with the account creation process.

Email authorized

We don't do any member email domain validations if the group subscription has no restricted domains (i.e. anyone can join the group subscription).

If it’s not on the list, we will prompt them to reach out to their group manager.

Email authorized

To delete a domain from the approved list, click on the X icon, next to the registered domain.

Remove restrict sign up by domain

If you don't enable restricted domains we won't restrict any member email domains (i.e. anyone can join the group subscription).

Customize the group name

Customize a group’s name from the group subscription settings. Click on Change, add the group name, and click Save.

Customize group name

Customize group name save

We will show the custom group name on all the member-facing views.

Group name member facing view

We will default to the group manager’s name if you don’t choose a group name.

Group manager name

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