Update your website and account settings

If you’re the account owner, you can navigate to Settings → Website name and URL to change your website name, account URL, or website URL.

In this help doc:

Website and account settings

Change your website name

If you update your website name, it will affect:

Change your account URL subdomain

If you update your account URL subdomain, it will affect:

You’ll need to update these links on your website or anywhere else you’ve shared them. Podcast listeners will need to resubscribe to their private feeds.

If you've connected a WordPress website to Memberful, after changing your account URL, make sure you disconnect/reconnect the plugin to force it to update all the links on your site that are automatically inserted by our plugin (e.g. links from shortcodes).

By the way, you can also set up a white-label domain to use your own domain name instead of a Memberful subdomain.

Change your website URL

You can only change your website URL for non-WordPress sites. For WordPress sites, the website URL is automatically populated when you integrate the Memberful WordPress plugin.

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