Move all active members of a plan

If you’re discontinuing a legacy plan and need to bulk move all members to another plan, use Memberful's Move feature.

In the help doc:

Move your members

Navigate to the Plans tab, select a plan, and click Plan Settings. Once there, click Move.

Move members

Currently, we don’t support moving members to or from group plans or plans with a fixed amount of payments.

Choose a plan to move your members to. We'll only move active members.

Choose a plan to move members to

You cannot undo this action. Bulk moving members should be done rarely and cautiously.

Members will not be notified when they are moved between plans (unless you have an automation set up outside of Memberful). If their new plan has a different renewal schedule, we suggest you notify them.

During the move, we will reset the renewal date if:

"Reset" means that we will use the renewal date based on the new plan Settings. For one-time purchases, it means that there will be no renewal date. Otherwise, we will keep the original renewal date.

Moving members from plan types outside of those listed above (like moving members from an annually recurring plan to a monthly recurring plan) will not reset the members' renewal dates. You will need to manually update their renewal dates to best align with your changes.

If members are paying a custom price, they will keep paying their custom price as long as it’s equal to or greater than the minimum price of the new plan.

Disable the old plan

If you don't want anyone to sign up for your old plan, either delete it or uncheck the Available for purchase box in your plan settings.

Disable the old plan

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