Gain valuable insights with cancellation surveys

New feature

Today we’ve launched a built-in cancellation survey to help you improve your membership, reduce churn, and even win back members who are ready to cancel.

This survey is already live and enabled for your account. Navigate to Customize → Cancellation Survey to see a preview of the survey or read on to learn more…

Dig deeper into the “Why?” behind cancellations

We recently launched a powerful new metrics experience, allowing you to see what’s driving month-to-month changes so you can take action. With our new cancellation survey, we’re helping you dig a little deeper.

Members cancel subscriptions (and eventually churn) for many reasons: financial, unmet expectations, seasonality, or because they found another service that’s a better fit. Understanding these reasons allows you adapt your offering so it’s better aligned with your members’ needs.

Give your members a voice and gain valuable insights

When a member goes to end their subscription, they’ll find a Cancel option in their account, making for a clear and simple cancellation experience.

Cancel subscription

Once a member clicks “Cancel,” we’ll show a confirmation page. If they confirm they want to cancel, we’ll show them the survey where they can choose a cancellation reason, leave feedback if they choose the “Other option, mention who they're switching to if they choose the "I chose another service" option, or skip the survey entirely.

Cancellation survey

Make improvements and reduce churn

See an aggregated list of survey data and quickly identify trends. Use your findings to help make your membership “stickier.”

Survey results

Cancellation surveys are live 🚀

Create a positive feedback loop and reduce churn with our cancellation survey! Read our help doc for more information.

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