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We help independent publishers and creators sell memberships to their audience.

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Who we are and what we're building.

Memberful is a small team of self-starters focused on building great software and helping our customers succeed. We pay attention to the details, we treat people right, and we love learning and experimenting. We're independent, we're purposely profitable, and we're in it for the long haul.

Do great work. Live your life.

Everyone at Memberful has a passion for doing great work. But we also want to live our life. That means working during normal business hours, maintaining a calm work environment, minimizing distractions, and respecting everyone's time. We've found most things in business just aren't that urgent.

Work from anywhere.

Everyone at Memberful is free to live and work wherever they choose. Our internal process is built around remote communication and deep work.

Friendly and thoughtful teammates.

We're big believers in treating others as we'd like to be treated. Life is too short not to work with people you like, respect, and trust.

Profit sharing.

You won't find any frivolous expenses here. No foosball tables, conference budgets, or gym memberships. We keep things simple. 25% of profits are shared directly with the team based on time with the company.