Now Hiring: Software Developer

Memberful is a reliable subscription service for small independent publishers and businesses. Some of our more well-known customers include Gimlet Media,, MacStories, Stratechery, Zen Habits, and Timmerman Report. Our goal is to help independent businesses across the web thrive with a sustainable business model.

Memberful was bootstrapped and launched in the fall of 2013 and has grown steadily over the past three years. We're profitable and plan to stay profitable because we believe in building a sustainable business. We also care deeply about working together with first-class teammates to build great products and provide real value to customers. With that in mind, we’re excited to bring on a second full-time developer. You’ll work directly with Drew and Patrik on the project. Drew currently handles customer service and frontend development, while Patrik handles all the backend development.

What we're looking for

It's fun and rewarding to work with people who are enthusiastic and get stuff done. This job is for you if:

You should be hungry and excited to work diligently on useful software with real paying customers.

What you’ll work on

Our Ruby on Rails application runs on Heroku, and is already reliably powering service for over 250 paying customers. Because we’re a small team, your work will be both hands-on and multidisciplinary:

Some of the tools we use: Basecamp, Stripe, Heroku, Github, Circle CI, Librato, Postmark, Papertrail, Slack, Intercom.

Our software stack

Skills, Salary & Benefits

You should have demonstrated programming ability and preferably some experience with production Rails applications. Experience with Heroku is a bonus.

Important note: We do not provide health insurance.

If you think you'd be a good fit for this position, send an email to and tell us why. Please don't send a boilerplate cover letter. Send a great cover letter. We're looking for a teammate who understands our company and is excited to be part of it. Also, don't forget to show us some real code you've written recently. We can't write back to everyone, but we do appreciate your interest.