Product update: Metrics

A powerful new metrics and analytics experience

Today we’ve launched a powerful new metrics and analytics experience that will help you answer important questions to grow your business, and delight data nerds and newbies alike.

Worry-free metrics tracking

When it comes to metrics, less is more. So to cut through the noise, we’re tracking 5 key membership-centric metrics and displaying them in an approachable way so you can stay focused on growth and member retention.

Worry-free metrics tracking

Here‘s what we’re tracking: (👍 expanded / 🆕 new)

  • Monthly recurring revenue is the single most important metric for a membership business. It answers the question: How much money can I expect to make? Our metrics now explain the why behind the numbers (including LTV and ARPM).👍
  • Net revenue tells you how much money you made last month (minus refunds) and where it came from. 🆕
  • Paying members lets you explore the total amount of recurring members in your account — and the changes that impact that total. 🆕
  • Churn shows how much money you’ve lost — whether voluntary or involuntary — as well as total $ churned. 👍
  • Trials shows you how many members are choosing to continue with a recurring subscription after their trial ends. 🆕

Compare metrics across plans

We’ve created a dedicated view for each of the 5 metrics and given you a simple way to compare MRR, Paying Members, Net revenue and Churn across 5 plans: Easily see what’s working, what’s not, and where to double down.

Get tangible insights

Hover over the charts to get the absolute amounts that make up each month so you can understand what’s driving month-to-month changes and take action.

Get tangible insights

Dig into the details

Click any value on a table and we’ll take you to the related calendar month and display a list of data points that make up the total data point. For example, if new members added $1500 to your MRR in June, you'll be able to see MRR, charted by each day in June, and a list of related members.

Dig into the details

Get started 🚀

Running a business can be a challenge, but analyzing your membership data doesn’t have to be. Our new metrics take the guesswork out of growing your business and help you make your membership sticky.

Gain valuable insights from the numbers driving your business →

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