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“Memberful is hands-down the best membership management tool. It integrates seamlessly into our website interface, the checkout process for the customer is so easy, and it automatically syncs our members with Mailchimp.”

Elizabeth & Ethan

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Why Memberful?

Painless integrations with the most popular email marketing platforms.

Easily integrate Memberful memberships with your favorite email marketing platform and gain control of both your content and audience.

  • check Cheaper than other hosted paid newsletter platforms.
  • check Leave the payments, subscriptions, and integrations to us.
  • check Automatically sync your members with your subscriber list.
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Keep more of your earnings with Memberful.

With Memberful you decide where your content lives and how your audience interacts with you.

  • check Use tools like Mailerlite to reach your audience directly.
  • check Earn more money compared to all-in-one newsletter solutions that give you less control.
  • check Earn more over time while delivering the same high quality content your subscribers love.

Pair Mailchimp and Memberful for an all-in-one marketing and membership solution.

Leave the hard work to the tools. Combining Memberful and Mailchimp allows you to unlock a vast set of marketing and membership tools.

  • check Build a branded newsletter faster with Mailchimp and Memberful.
  • check Easily create members-only campaigns, subscriber lists, and coupon codes for an enhanced subscriber experience.
  • check Save time and energy, leaving you to focus on what you do best.
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Sync subscriber lists automatically

Integrate and sync with your favorite email marketing tools automatically.


One-click integrations

Supercharge your memberships with third-party integrations available in a single click.

Sell group subscriptions

Plans that contain multiple memberships purchased and managed by a single account.


Offer free trials

Increase engagement and conversions by offering a free trial to your new subscribers.


Add your own custom branding

Upload a logo and choose custom colors to make Memberful feel at home on your website.



Quickly create coupons and run promotions. Offer new members a discount on their first month.

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