Integrate with Drip

Drip is an email marketing tool that integrates with Memberful.

If you want to offer your audience a members-only email newsletter so you can share valuable information and drive revenue for your business—you’re in the right place!

When you combine the marketing automation wizardry of a platform like Drip with the best-in-class membership software that is Memberful, you can easily create a powerful email newsletter offering.

If you don't have an email newsletter with Drip yet, you might want to send members-only newsletters via Memberful instead — at no extra cost!
Learn how to send members-only newsletters via Memberful.

In this help doc:

Integrate Drip

Navigate to Settings → Third-party services → Drip → Connect from your Memberful dashboard, and click Connect to Drip. You'll be sent to Drip and asked to grant access and choose an account.

Grant access to Memberful

You'll then be sent back to Memberful where we'll ask you to connect.

Import and connect to Drip

When you first connect to Drip, we'll import all members as Drip subscribers. Then we'll automatically and continuously update your Drip subscriber list by adding new members and updating existing members.

How we keep your list up to date and synced

We automatically sync important member details as custom fields and tags in Drip. You can use these tags to build powerful Drip Campaigns and Broadcasts. When you click a subscriber in Drip, you'll see their Plans and information listed in their profile.

Drip tags

A list of the custom fields we continuously sync to Drip:

A list of the tags we continuously sync to Drip:

We will not remove members from your subscriber list if their subscription expires. If the member's subscription expires, the related Memberful tag will be removed from their profile. In addition, if a member changes their email, we'll add the new email as a new subscriber, and remove the Memberful tags from the old email.

Send a targeted Campaign or Broadcast

To send targeted Campaigns or Broadcasts create a new segment or add a set of conditions using the Memberful tags we've added to your Drip subscribers.

Create Drip Segment

If you’ve enabled our Memberful referral program, you’ll be able to add a referral link to your campaign or broadcast so members earn rewards for referring others.

Select Personalize to insert dynamic content.

Drip personalization

Then in People fields you can insert the memberful_referral_link merge tab.

Drip custom referral link

Create powerful Drip Workflows

Create a new Trigger in your Drip Workflow and choose Memberful as the provider. Then, select the specific event.

Create Drip Trigger

When you combine Memberful tags and Memberful triggers, you can create powerful plan-specific Workflows.

Drip Workflow example

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