Custom subscription page

If you’d like to sell paid or free memberships, but either don’t have your own website or don’t have the ability to create a new sales page on your website — you can create a customized subscription page hosted by Memberful.

You can add a title and description to the page, select which plans and downloads will appear on the page, customize their name and description, and add additional content like FAQs or testimonials. Your custom branding will be applied as well.

In this help doc:

Create your plans

We need to have something to sell, so before we work on the subscription page, we'll create a membership plan.

To create your plan(s), log in to your Memberful dashboard, navigate to Revenue → All plans, and click New plan.

Create a new plan

Allow free registration

Our free registration feature enables your members to sign up without any cost or obligation for a paid subscription.

To enable this feature, navigate to Website → Free registration, and toggle on Allow free registration. Learn more about allowing free registration.

Free registration toggle

Customize your branding

Your custom branding (including page background color, button color, and logo image) will be applied to your subscription page. Learn more about customizing your branding.

Add items and customize the page

Once you’ve created your plans, navigate to the Website tab, and hover over Subscribe to reveal and click the gear icon. Toggle on Enable your subscribe page in the modal, and then click Save.

Enable your subscription page

To customize the content on the page, navigate to Website → Subscribe, and click Edit page in the top left-hand corner.

Edit your subscription page

At the top of the page you can add a title and an optional description for the entire page. Use the rich-text controls to add bold text, italics, strikethroughs, and links.

Edit the page description

Below that, you’ll add selected plans, standalone downloads, or free registration to the page for members to select. While you can add as many as you like, we recommend a maximum of 4 items in order to make the page easier for visitors to scan and make a decision about their purchase.

To add an item, click the New subscribe page item button:

Add a plan button

Then, select your plan, download, or free registration in the modal and click Add to page:

Add a plan modal

For each item you can customize the display name, the description, and the button label. Click to select each element, and make your changes. For the description, use the rich text controls to add bold text, italics, strike-throughs, links, and both bulleted and numbered lists.

The description is a great place to list the benefits your members will receive for signing up, or to compare each plan offering against the others to help your visitors make the best purchase.

Edit the contents of items

To re-order the items on your page, just hover over the item and then click and drag it by the bar that shows up above it.

Drag to re-order items

If you’re on a mobile touch-based device, just tap the up or down arrows to change the order of each item.

Reorder plans on mobile

Below your items, you can add any additional content that you’d like. This is a great place to include a few FAQs about your membership, customer testimonials, or contact information.

Add additional content

Every subscription page includes a prominent link for members to log into their account at any time.

Any social media links you've configured for your website will also show up in the footer of your subscription page. Learn more about configuring social media links.

Enable or disable your subscription page

You can toggle your subscription page on or off by navigating to the Website tab, and hovering over Subscribe to reveal and click the gear icon. Toggle on or off Enable your subscribe page in the modal, and then click Save.

Toggling the switch on or off will impact the visibility of your page at the URL

Toggling the switch off will mean that nobody can view your subscription page. This lets you make all of the changes you’d like before making it publicly available again.

Make your page live

When toggled on, you have your own custom subscription page! You can return to Website → Subscribe anytime to see what your subscription page looks like on different devices.

Custom subscription page

Set as welcome page

If you’d like to use your subscription page as the first page that new visitors see when they access your website, you can set it as your welcome page. To do this, navigate to the Website tab, and hover over Subscribe to reveal and click the gear icon. Toggle on Make it your welcome page in the modal, and then click Save.

Set as welcome page

When you enable this, your subscription page will include a "Skip to preview" link at the bottom, which members can use to skip this page and go directly to your website.

Skip to preview

Memberful will remember this setting for 30 days. If the visitor returns to the site and they've previously skipped, they will be automatically redirected to the website.

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