Offer retention discounts

Retention discounts are discount offers sent via email to members that cancel their subscription. Using retention discounts to re-engage churning members is a strategic approach that offers a compelling reason for members to renew while acknowledging their previous support.

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Learn how Memberful retention discounts work

Memberful allows you to send out win-back offers to members who canceled their subscriptions. These offers come in the form of a discount that they can apply to their member subscription before it expires. This discount operates almost exactly like a coupon, except that it will be applied automatically, so no coupon code is needed.

You have full freedom to choose the discount amount and the rules required to be eligible for the discount.

Retention discounts are only compatible with recurring plans. Subscriptions with a fixed number of payments, one-time purchases or donations, or members who registered for free are not eligible for retention discounts.

Enable retention discounts

Retention Discounts are off by default. Navigate to Discounts → Retention. Click Enable retention discounts and save the settings.

Enable retention discounts

Click the custom retention discount email link to edit the email template we deliver with your offer.

Retention discount email link

If you send yourself a test email, we use a 10% retention discount and 0 months as test data. Real emails will use real numbers for your members.

Retention discount email template

Set up a retention discount

To qualify for a retention discount, a member needs to have met the rules you've set in your discount settings.

To create a discount, click Add discount settings.

New retention discount

  1. Select the eligible plans that will unlock this reward.
  2. Enter a value for the minimum active time in months.
  3. Enter a discount amount and select % or $ discount.
  4. Select the discount type and click Create discount.

You can then view all your rules in your discount table:

Retention discount list

Discounts are ordered by months in descending order, and the first offer a member qualifies is the one they will receive. If a member cancels before the minimum time needed to qualify for a discount (less than 2 months using the image above as an example), they won't get a discount offer. They may receive the subscription cancelation email after 48 hours — if that email is enabled.

Edit a retention discount

To edit a retention discount, click the Edit button.

Edit retention discount

When editing an existing discount, you will also be able to disable or delete it.

Disable or delete retention discount

How does a member receive a retention discount

Our retention discount email will be sent to members who are eligible for these discounts one hour after they cancel a subscription.

If a member cancels and is not eligible for a discount, they will receive the subscription canceled email template 2 days later.

How does a member apply a retention discount

The email your member receives will include a link to redeem the discount. If they click and accept the offer, their subscription will resume with that discount applied.

Apply retention discount

Track retention discount usage

The statistics button for each discount displays a counter of how many members have applied the discount.

Retention discount usage button

Click the button to see a report of all the members who have had your retention discount applied to their subscriptions.

What happens to a retention discount if a member cancels?

The retention discount will only apply the rules while the current subscription is active. If the member lets their current subscription expire before applying the discount, the offer expires with it.

If a member reaches out to request a replacement retention discount to renew their subscription, you can create a coupon and apply the code.

Can members apply a coupon and a retention discount to the same subscription?

Yes! Members can simultaneously apply their retention discount along with any existing coupons or referral discounts.

Multiple member discounts

If a member upgrades to another plan, they will be eligible for the discount offer of the new plan if they cancel and meet the discount rules.

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