Member newsletter guide

Easily set up a member newsletter using our hosted website feature. Get started quickly with our super-simple tools at no extra cost. Plus, explore our latest website-building feature to enhance your online presence and offer public or private content

How to build a member newsletter

  1. Sign up for Memberful.
  2. Create your plans.
  3. Allow free registration.
  4. Add paid plan purchase links to your website.
  5. Create a members-only post.
  6. Customize your branding.
  7. Send your members-only newsletter.
  8. Test the member experience.
  9. Go live.

Sign up for Memberful

To get started, sign up for Memberful, which is free while you're in test mode.

Create your plans

You'll want to set up some membership plans that people can subscribe to.

Log in to your Memberful dashboard, navigate to the plans tab, and click New Plan. Fill in the details and settings for your plan and click Create Plan. Learn more about creating membership plans.

Create a plan

Thinking of selling multiple plans? Enable the upgrade/downgrade settings.

Allow free registration

Our free registration feature enables your members to sign up without any cost or obligation for a paid subscription.

To enable this feature, navigate to the customize tab in your Memberful dashboard, click Free registration and toggle on Allow free registration. Learn more about allowing free registration.

Free registration toggle

Copy the purchase link from the plan settings page in your Memberful dashboard and paste it on your website or use the button options provided by your website builder. Learn more about adding purchase links to your site.

Memberful purchase links

(Optional) Create a custom landing page

To sell memberships to your audience without a website, you can create a customized landing page hosted by Memberful by navigating to Website → Settings.

Add a title and description to the page, select which options appear on the page, whether they're paid plans, standalone downloads, or free member registration. Customize their names and descriptions, and add additional content such as FAQs or testimonials.

A custom landing page

Learn more about creating a custom landing page.

Create a members-only post

Posts can be used to share exclusive, dynamic content with your members. Think of a newsletter or blog post with embedded videos and beautiful visuals. To create a newsletter post, navigate to Website → Posts and click Create a post.

Create a post

Add a title and content for your post. Use the icons at the top of the content editor to format your content and add elements like links and images.

Add title and content

Click Preview to see a preview of what this post will look like to your members.

Preview button

Select an audience to target

Your posts can be sent out to All members (including free members), or send a targeted newsletter to Active members on all plans, Active members on select plans, or Free (and inactive) members.

Post audience target

When you choose to target only members of selected plans, you can select which plans should be included.

Post audience — select plans

All-access pass holders are included in the count of how many members will receive a message, so the number of recipients might be different than the number of subscribers in the selected plans.

All-access pass members are included in recipient count.png

(Optional) Schedule the post

You can schedule your post to be published or sent sometime in the future. To do so, click Schedule for later and enter a date and time.

Schedule post

Schedule post

Customize your branding

Use our visual editor via Customize → Branding to customize the background and button colors, and upload your logo.

Visual editor

These customizations will be applied to your newsletter messages and published posts.

Email Post sample Published Post sample

Learn more about customizing your branding.

Send your members-only newsletter

Click Save draft if you're not ready to publish your post but would like to save your work.

Save draft

Once you're happy with your post, click the downward arrow button to display the options for sending.

Post publishing options

Before you publish the post, click Send test email to see a preview of what your members will see in their inbox.

Send test email

Click Publish once you're ready to send it.

Publish post

You can send up to 10 emails per day. Posts cannot be sent via email or scheduled while in test mode. Connect to Stripe to enable this setting. If you need to send more than ten emails per day, contact us to discuss your use case and how we might support it.

(Optional) Publish messages to a Memberful-hosted website

Our posts feature is two features in one. It allows you to:

You can choose to deliver your posts via email, website, or both.

Publish via email or website

To publish your newsletter message to your Memberful-hosted website, enable the Show on member website toggle.

Test the member experience

While your Memberful account is in test mode, use Stripe’s test credit cards to complete example member purchases and recreate their onboarding experience. Make sure to sign up with a different email address than the one associated with your website and Memberful admin account as using the same email address can cause unexpected errors.

You can also view any published post, write comments, and delete abusive ones while you’re signed in to your Memberful dashboard as an admin. Select a post and click View Post to get access. Learn more about moderating post comments.

View post

Additionally, you can use our visual editor in the Customize and Website tabs to see which features are customizable, how they interact, and what they’ll look like to your members across different views and devices.

Go live

When you’re ready to start processing orders, choose your currency and connect to your Stripe account via Account → Activate account. We will automatically delete all your test orders and member accounts when you switch to live payments.

Nice work connecting to Stripe! 🚀

Now you’re ready to start selling memberships to your audience. Here are a few ideas to make your launch a success:

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