Problem with your WordPress connection

If you received a Problem with your WordPress connection email, the information in this doc will help you address the issue in a timely manner.

If this issue is not resolved, we will disconnect the Memberful WP plugin from your site, which will prevent your members from being able to log in and access your gated content.

In this help doc:

What does this notification mean?

Our WordPress plugin uses webhooks to sync member data between your site and Memberful. Should those webhooks fail to communicate with your site, our plugin will disconnect after 3 days.

Will reconnecting the plugin help?

Memberful does not work with password-protected websites (e.g. it must be publicly accessible to anyone who has the URL). If your website requires a password to access it, you'll need to remove the password requirement and disconnect / reconnect the plugin.

If you don't have a password-protected site, reconnecting the plugin may not solve the issue. Reconnecting the plugin will simply reset your webhook error count and it may appear as if the issue is resolved. However, the webhook may continue to fail in background, and the plugin will still disconnect 3 days after any new notification lands.

What should I try instead?

If our webhook messages don’t receive a response from your server within 15 seconds, we’ll consider that a failed request. So as a first step, contact your WordPress hosting provider and ask them to investigate why webhooks are failing or taking too long on your site.

Let them know that the endpoint we try to access on your site is /?memberful_endpoint=webhook. They'll be able to investigate and hopefully correct the error. If they can't resolve the issue, please contact us with the details of their investigation.

If you have access to your server logs, find the requests to /?memberful_endpoint=webhook—they might point you in the right direction.

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