Discord member experience

Is your audience new to Discord? In this guide, we walk you through the member experience—step by step. Feel free to personalize it and share it with your members.

Discord is a free chatroom platform where you can connect with other likeminded folks, in real-time, through text, audio, or video. If you purchased a membership that includes access to a private Discord server, you’ll first need to create a free Discord account before you can join the server or private server channels.

In this help doc:

Check your inbox for an invite to the server

Check your inbox for a server invite from the membership site you joined.

Memberful invite email

Click the authorization link in the email and sign in through the membership platform.

Continue to server

Open a Discord account

If you purchased a membership that includes access to a private Discord server, you’ll need to create a free Discord account (or sign in with an existing Discord account) before you can join.

Create an account 1

Check your inbox for a Discord email

Check your inbox for a Discord email. Click Verify Email, and then Continue to Discord.

Discord verification email

Continue to server

Authorize the bot

Authorize the Memberful bot, which will allow you to access the private membership server.

Authorize bot

If you don’t see the email in your inbox, you can click this link directly: https://YOURSITE.memberful.com/account/discord/authorize

Note to site owner: Replace YOURSITE with your actual site name, which can be found via Account → Account settings.

Then you will be able to access the private server.

Access the server

How to participate in a Discord server

  1. Read the rules and welcome page.
  2. Look at the various chats to jump into and read / respond.
  3. Turn on notifications so you know if someone has mentioned you.
  4. If you’ve used Slack, Discord operates in a very similar way!
  5. Any other questions? Check out Discord’s guide..

For private servers, you will be removed from the server completely if your subscription expires. For public servers, you may have limited access to certain non-member channels.

Log in to the Discord server

Moving forward, you will use your Discord credentials to log in to Discord to access the server.

Log in to Discord

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