Use a staging site or development environment

Staging sites and development environments are clones of your live website. They enables you to make and test changes before they go into production and are visible on the live site. In this help doc, learn how to use a staging site or development environment with Memberful.

In this help doc:

Move from a staging site to a live site

When you connect the Memberful WordPress plugin on your staging site to your Memberful account, Memberful stores the location of your site so that we can automatically and continually sync subscription data to the WordPress user.

After you move to your live site, disconnect/reconnect the plugin so your Memberful account knows where the new site is located and update your redirect settings. When you "go live" and turn on Stripe, we'll purge all your Memberful test members and orders. At this point, we suggest that you delete any test users from your WordPress site.

Use a live site and a staging site or development environment

Only one website can be linked to a single Memberful account. If you have a staging site or a development environment, as well as a live site, we recommend that you set up a second Memberful account for your staging site and leave it permanently in test mode. You can even upgrade to the Pro plan from your Memberful dashboard via Account → Activate account because accounts in test mode are always free.

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