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Outside of paid subscriptions, offering free registration is like rolling out the welcome mat to potential members. By offering a no-cost membership, your businesses can cast a much wider net, bringing in curious visitors eager to explore your offerings.

It's not just about being generous – it's also savvy marketing. Free memberships not only remove barriers to entry but also serve as a powerful marketing tool to showcase the your platform's offerings, drive growth, and upsell members to paid subscriptions.

In this help doc:

Why offer free registration

Our free registration feature enables your members to sign up without any cost or obligation for a paid subscription. This group of free members can be targeted in our WordPress integration, hosted site and newsletter, as well as our email newsletter integrations.

Free members will appear in your dashboard with a full member profile but without card details or membership to a paid plan.

Free registration member profile

Enable free registration

To enable this feature, navigate to Website → Forms → Free registration and toggle on Allow free registration.

Free registration toggle

Customize your free registration form

To customize the free registration form text, navigate to Website → Forms → Free registration. You can edit the title, subtitle, and button text.

Free registration customize

You can also redirect free members to another URL after sign-up under Website → External website → Custom redirects → After free registration redirect.

Free registration redirect

You can also create custom fields for your users to fill out right after creating their free account.

Free registration custom fields

How to subscribe free members

Add the free registration URL to a button or link on your own website, or our Memberful hosted site, so members can sign up for free.

Free registration URL

If you're looking to subscribe members and don’t have a sales page, use our hosted member site with our built-in custom subscribe page. This allows your members to sign up for free alongside your paid plans and standalone downloads.

Free registration subscribe page modal

How to target free members

If you're using Memberful along with our WordPress plugin, you can protect certain pages and posts for All members - inactive, active, and free.

WordPress plugin all members

If you're using our hosted member site, you can create pages and posts that are protected for all members, including free members, or send a targeted newsletter to free (and inactive) members.

Free registration audience

If you're using any of Memberful's email newsletter integrations like Mailchimp or ConvertKit, you can target free members with a newsletter using the "Free registration" signup source.

Since members never lose this designation, make sure you build a segment that excludes those members who are subscribed to a paid plan. e.g. Free registration = True and is not subscribed to = Monthly plan

Mailchimp free registration group

Please note that you can't give free members access to members-only podcasts or private downloads.

Track your free members

To view all free registered members who don't have an active subscription, navigate to the members tab and choose the filter: Free signup (never subscribed).

Free registration filter

Members are automatically removed from the free signup list after upgrading to a paid plan.

You can also view or export a list of your free members to monitor them.

Provide free access for paid members using other Memberful features. Learn more.

How free members can subscribe to paid plans

After enabling our custom subscribe page, you can guide free members to purchase paid plans on your subscribe page by clicking the Subscribe button in their member account page.

Redirect to subscribe page

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