Offer referral discounts

Referrals are one of the most effective ways to grow your membership business. Memberful allows you to offer rewards to members who refer others to join your membership program. These rewards come in the form of a discount that will be applied to a member’s active subscription. This discount operates like a coupon except that it is applied automatically, so no coupon code is needed.

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Enable the referral program

Navigate to Discounts → Referrals from your Memberful dashboard, and enable the referral program.

Enable referrals program

You'll have the flexibility to choose the discount amount and the minimum number of referrals required for a member to qualify for the discount.

Paid transactions will count as referrals. Examples:
  • Purchasing a paid plan
  • Signing up for a paid trial
  • Making the first payment after a free trial
Free signups will not be counted as referrals. Examples:
  • Free registration
  • A free trial
  • Signing up using a 100% discount coupon

After opening a referral link, members can be redirected to your landing page, website URL, or a custom URL. You might not see all these options if you haven’t set them up.

Select an option from the list and enter a custom URL if applicable.

Referral link redirect

Select which plans award referral credits

Members earn credit for referring purchases of all plans and downloads, or only for some of them. If you choose Selected Plans and Downloads, you’ll be able to select the eligible plans and downloads.

Eligible plans and downloads for referrals

Set up referral milestones

Milestones define when a member has accumulated enough referral credits to earn a reward, and they also define what that reward will be.

To create a milestone, click Add Milestone.

Add Milestone

  1. Enter the referral count that will unlock this reward.
  2. Choose between a percentage-based discount and a currency amount-based discount.
  3. Enter the discount amount.
  4. Select a coupon type
  5. Click Create milestone.

Add Milestone details

Disable or delete a milestone

When editing an existing milestone, you’ll also be able to delete or disable it.

Disable or delete milestone

Disabling a milestone stops any members from reaching it in the future. This action is reversible and members that have already reached it won’t lose their reward.

Deleting a milestone, on the other hand, is not reversible, and will result in all members losing their reward if they had already earned it.

Track referral coupon usage

The statistics button for each milestone displays a counter of how many members have reached that particular milestone.

Referral coupon usage button

You can click the button to see a report of all the members who have had your milestone reward applied to their subscription.

Track referral coupon usage

Members can find their unique referral link, and share it via multiple apps, by visiting the referrals section of their member account.

Members can copy their referral link

The link will also appear on payment receipts and posts.

Referral links

How can members track their referrals and rewards?

Members can keep track of their referral credits and rewards from the referrals section of their member account.

Members can track their referrals and rewards

How do members apply their reward discount?

Once a member has earned a referral reward, it will be automatically applied to their next renewal charge, and every renewal if it's a recurring reward or for X number of renewals if it's a limited reward.

If a member upgrades or downgrades their plan, their referral reward discount will not be carried over.

Should the referrer decide to cancel their subscription, their referral link will remain active; however, any progress will be paused until they have an active subscription again.

Can a referral discount be applied by an admin?

Admins can't apply referral discounts manually. Instead, you can apply a regular coupon code if you want to offer a discount to the referrer.

What happens if a referred member cancels their subscription?

If a referred member later cancels their subscription, the member who referred them won't lose their credit toward the referral milestone.

Can members stack coupons and referral rewards?

Memberful allows you to offer your members discounts on their subscriptions in the form of coupon codes, referral rewards, and retention discounts. Referral rewards will be calculated based on the plan purchase price and automatically added on top of existing discounts. Retention discounts (also known as loyalty discounts) work the same way.

Multiple member discounts

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