Hosted member website guide

With Memberful’s member website, you can seamlessly integrate members-only emails, exclusive content, and enticing teasers for visitors — all in one place while elevating your unique voice and messaging.

Try a member website hosted by Memberful

Want to test out the member experience? We have set up a demo site so you can see a live member website that puts your brand first and pulls together the pieces of your membership offering in a cohesive way.

✔️ Browse a real member site created and hosted by Memberful
✔️ Go through the signup process with a test credit card
✔️ See what the “logged in” experience could look like for your members

Access the demo site >

How to build a member website

  1. Sign up for Memberful.
  2. (Optional) Allow free registration.
  3. Create your plans.
  4. Create your subscribe page.
  5. Enable the member website.
  6. Customize your site settings.
  7. Customize your branding.
  8. Create evergreen pages.
  9. Create dynamic posts.
  10. Customize your site menu.
  11. Test the member experience.
  12. Go live.

Sign up for Memberful

To get started, sign up for Memberful, which is free while you're in test mode.

(Optional) Allow free registration

Want to offer free registration to your hosted site? Our free registration feature enables your members to sign up without any cost or obligation for a paid subscription.

To enable this feature, navigate to Website → Free registration, and toggle on Allow free registration. From there you can edit the title, subtitle, or the button text of the form and click Save.

Free registration toggle

Learn more about allowing free registration.

Create your plans

You'll want to set up some membership plans that people can subscribe to.

Navigate to the Revenue → All Plans and click New plan. Fill in the details and settings for your plan and click Create Plan.

Create a plan

Learn more about creating membership plans.

Thinking of selling multiple plans that members can move between? Enable our upgrade/downgrade settings.

Create your subscribe page

To sell memberships to your audience, you can create a customized subscription page hosted by Memberful by navigating to Website → Subscribe, click the gear icon and toggle on the Enable your subscribe page.

Enable subscribe page

You can also turn on the Make it your welcome page toggle to make that first page visitors are directed to. If a visitor skips it, and your site is public, we'll remember that for the next 30 days if they return to your site.

If the Welcome page setting is toggled off, then your homepage will be the first page visitors see when they land on your site.

You can then customize it by navigating to Website → Subscribe → Edit page.

Edit subscribe page

Learn more about creating a custom subscribe page.

Customize your branding

Click on the paint brush icon in the website tab to customize the background and button colors, and upload your logo or favicon image.

Customize branding

Additionally, you can see which features are customizable, how they interact, and what they’ll look like to your members across different views and devices.

Branding preview

These customizations will be applied to your published posts.

Email Post sample Published Post sample

Learn more about customizing your branding.

Enable the member website

Memberful's hosted website feature is enabled by default. You can customize your site to public, members only, or hidden, by navigating to Website → Pages, clicking the gear icon and select your preference.

Enable member website

Customize your site settings

Customize your site settings by clicking the gear icon next to any page.

Customize member website

You can also navigate to Website → Settings to add your social media profiles.

Social media links

Learn more about customizing your site settings.

Create evergreen pages

You can create pages (or external links) for your member site via Website → Pages. Pages are great for evergreen content like an “About Us” page or “FAQ” page.

Create a page or external link

Depending on whether you made your site private or public, you can decide if it should be visible to all members (including free and inactive), all active members, or all active members subscribed to specific plans. You can also edit the navigation label and page URL.

Page visibility

Learn more about creating and publishing pages.

Create dynamic posts

You can create posts for your member site via Website → Posts. Posts can be used to share exclusive, dynamic content with your paid and free members. Think blog posts with embedded videos and beautiful visuals.

Create a post

For each post, you can decide if it should be visible to all members (including free and inactive), all active members, or all active members subscribed to specific plans, and whether or not members can leave comments and likes. Also, in addition to publishing your post on the member website, you can also choose to email the post to members.

Learn more about creating and publishing posts.

Customize your site menu

Navigate Website → Pages to customize your site menu. You can:

Customize your site menu

Learn more about customizing your site menu.

Test the member experience

Nice job — your member site is complete!

Member website

You can view your site anytime, by clicking Website in the menu on the left sidebar of your dashboard and clicking the arrow icon on any page or form.

View your site

Also, while your Memberful account is in test mode, you can use Stripe’s test credit cards to go through the signup and onboarding experience as a test member. Just make sure to visit your site in a different browser than the one where you're signed in to your Memberful dashboard.

Go live

When you’re ready to start processing orders, choose your currency and connect to your Stripe account via Settings → Stripe. Please note that we will automatically delete all your test orders and member accounts when you switch to live payments.

Nice work connecting to Stripe! 🚀

Now you’re ready to start selling memberships to your audience. Here are a few ideas to make your launch a success:

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