Customize your menu

The page navigation editor allows you to create and edit the navigation items that appear in your Memberful-hosted site's menu bar. You can add pages, external links, and posts to your navigation, and customize the label that appears for each item.

In this help doc:

To create a new page or external link, navigate to Website → Pages from your Memberful dashboard, click Create, and select the type of navigation item you'd like to create. Learn more about creating pages.

Check page permissions

If a page can only be accessed by certain members, you'll see a lock icon next to the navigation item. Hover your cursor over this icon to learn more about its current permissions.

Edit a navigation item

To edit a navigation item, click the Actions button (the button with three dots) next to the navigation item you'd like to edit, and then click Edit.

You can choose which label is used for the page or external link in the navigation. Click the Actions button (the button with three dots) next to a navigation link, then click Edit and enter your desired label under Navigation label.

Set a page as homepage

You can pick one of your pages or posts to be the homepage of your Memberful-hosted site. Click the Actions button (the button with three dots) next to a page, and then click Make homepage to set it as the homepage.

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