I’m not using Stripe yet

Need to import your members from another system into Memberful? We’re happy to provide hands-on support! If you’re using Authorize.net, PayPal, or Braintree instead of Stripe, please contact us for details. In most cases, we can guide you on how to move your existing customer credit cards to Stripe.

Once your credit cards are migrated to Stripe, you'll generate an export from your old membership system and format it so it can be imported to Memberful via our CSV import file.

If you're migrating from Patreon or some other platform where we're not able to migrate your customer credit cards, export their personal information and subscription details from your current system and import that into Memberful via our CSV import file. You can then prompt your members to add a payment method or make use of our automated Card Missing email template.

Link to add credit card https://YOURSITE.memberful.com/account/credit_card/edit

Members can add a credit card

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