How members update their personal information

Memberful provides an intuitive payment and account management experience for your members which means you’ll spend less time providing customer support. Once you create your membership plans, your audience can buy subscriptions to those plans and manage their own membership accounts.

Learn how a member can:

Update their profile

From the Account menu item, a member can update their name, email, password, address (if required), and custom fields (if there are any). They can also add a photo to their profile using Gravatar.

Member profile

Update their custom fields

Members can update their custom field(s) from the Preferences section of their profile.

Update custom fields from member profile

Detail - Update custom fields from member profile

Download order receipts as PDFs

Members can access and download their order receipts (i.e. invoices) as PDFs from the Orders menu item in their account.

Access and download receipts

Our order emails also include a link at the bottom to download the invoice as a PDF.

PDF download in order emails

Update payment details

Members can view and update their payment details from the Update Card menu item in their account. If accessing their account from Safari, they can also switch their payment method to Apple Pay, or in Chrome to Google Pay.

Update credit card

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