Memberful admin dashboard

With Memberful, you get an independent dashboard featuring charts, activity feeds, and powerful metrics including revenue, monthly recurring revenue, member lifetime value (LTV), MRR per member, member churn rate, new orders, renewals, and refunds. You can click each metric in the Dashboard to apply filters by Plan.

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Access your Dashboard

You can access your Dashboard from:

From the Dashboard, you can:

Memberful dashboard

Search for members

Enter a member's name, email address, order number, or Discord ID in the search bar on any page in the Memberful dashboard. You can also type "s" anywhere in the Dashboard (assuming your cursor is not in another input field) to access the search bar.


Members tab

From the Members tab you can import members and add new members. You can also apply a filter to view active members, inactive members, free signups, All Access Pass members, or all members, and export a CSV report.

Members tab

Click a name to edit a member’s details, manage their subscriptions, view their activity, or check their integration statuses.

Member profile

Manage subscriptions

When you click a subscription, you can change the renewal date, disable auto-renew, add a coupon, and view (and edit) the Active Since field. Active Since is a counter that tracks how long the member has been active without lapsing. You can use this data to reward longevity.

Edit a subscription

Plans tab

From the Plans tab you can create a new Plan, view active subscribers by Plan, manage Plan Settings, create Plan Groups, and enable free registration..

Plans tab

Content tab

From the Content tab, you can access the Posts, Podcasts, and Downloads tabs.

Customize tab

From the Customize tab, you can access a high-level overview of what’s available to customize and how the components flow together. The 5 customizable areas are:

From each area, you have access to our powerful Visual Editor to see which features are customizable, how they interact, and what they’ll look like to your members across different views and devices.

Discounts tab

Analytics tab

Activity tab

Settings tab

The Settings tab is divided into sections that allow you to configure different aspects of your Memberful account.

Settings tab

Account tab

Manage account tab

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