Pause a subscription

See below for a few ways to pause a subscription for a few members. Please contact us if you need to pause subscriptions for more than 20 members.

In this help doc:

Extend the renewal date

Navigate to the member's profile, click the subscription link, and change the renewal to a later date.

Extend renewal date

Suspend the order

Navigate to the member's profile, click the subscription Order #, and then click Suspend order. This will also prevent the member from having access to any members-only content. Click Complete order to unpause the Plan.

Suspend order

Apply a coupon to the subscription

If you’re on our Pro or Premium plan, navigate to Plans → Coupons and create a 100% off recurring coupon. From the member’s profile, click the subscription link and add the coupon. When you want to unpause the member, remove the coupon from their subscription.

Coupon applied

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