Disconnect/reconnect plugin

Disconnecting/reconnecting the Memberful WordPress plugin updates all the settings and will very likely fix most issues you may be experiencing.

In this help doc:

When should I disconnect/reconnect the plugin?

How do I disconnect/reconnect the plugin?

The key to a successful reconnect is disconnecting the plugin from both your WordPress dashboard and your Memberful dashboard. The order of the disconnects is not critical — however, it's important to create a new WordPress registration key in Memberful and paste it into your WordPress admin.

  1. From your Memberful dashboard navigate to Website → Settings Click Disable/reset WordPress connection.
  2. Click I’m using WordPress and copy the registration key (ctrl/cmd + c).
  3. From your WordPress dashboard navigate to Settings → Memberful and click Disconnect.
  4. Paste your registration key (ctrl/cmd + v) into the field and click Connect to Memberful.

Disconnect/reconnect Plugin

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