Create a coupon

Coupon codes are a fantastic way for you to incentivize new member acquisition and retain existing members.

In this help doc:

Add a new coupon

Navigate to Discounts → Coupons from your Memberful dashboard. Click Add a new coupon.

Add a new coupon

Generate a Code

Generate a code using numbers and letters.

Generate a code

Enter a discount

Enter a discount percentage or dollar amount.

Enter a discount

Select a coupon type

There are 3 types of coupon:

Coupon type

Choose redemption settings

Select which Plans and Downloads the coupon can be applied to

Choose whether the coupon can be applied to all Plans and Downloads or only select ones.

Coupon can be applied to select plans

Set a Start Date and End Date for the coupon (optional)

You can choose to activate your coupon code on a certain date in the future. To do so, pick a start date. You can also choose to have your coupon code end or "expire" on a certain date. To do so, pick an end date.

Coupon start and end dates

Customers who try to use a coupon before the start date or after the end date will see an error message: Coupon code is not valid.

Applying an expired coupon

Start dates and end dates are inclusive, meaning that the coupon can also be applied on those dates, not just between those dates. Keep in mind that coupons will be applied to renewing subscriptions even after the selected end date.

Note that the current day is always determined in the UTC timezone. Let's look at some examples. You create a coupon that will work from Nov 5 to Nov 17 (UTC timezone):

Enter max redemptions (optional)

Enter the total number of times the coupon can be redeemed. For example, if you publicize a promotion where the first 100 people get a discount, enter 100.

Max redemptions

Choose when the coupon can be used

Depending on your goals, you may want the coupon to only be applicable to new purchases, existing purchases, when reactivating expired purchases, or when upgrading a subscription. Choose the settings that work best for your promotion.

Apply coupon

Require a credit card when the coupon covers the entire cost (optional)

Even if your coupon deducts 100% of the cost, you can choose to require a credit card so that the member can be more easily charged once the coupon is no longer in use.

Require a credit card

Create coupon

Click Create coupon.

Create coupon

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