Metrics overview

The first step to making your membership business better is knowing where you can improve, and that’s where metrics come into play. Metrics are used to evaluate your business goals, objectives, and overall performance.

Navigate to Analytics → Metrics to view the metrics we track for your business. This doc introduces the membership metrics you can track via Memberful and offers a big-picture overview of how to make good use of these metrics.

In this help doc:

Monthly recurring revenue

Monthly recurring revenue (or MRR) is the single most important metric for a membership business. It answers the question, "How much money can I expect to make?"

This metric allows you to see how your revenue from recurring payments is changing over time. Learn more about monthly recurring revenue.

Paying Members

Recurring payments are the lifeblood of any membership business. The paying members metric allows you to explore you explore the total amount of recurring members in your account — and the changes that impact that total.

This metric allows you to explore trends in your membership audience. Learn more about the paying members metric.

Net revenue

As a membership operator, you want to ensure that you remain profitable when setting your membership pricing, evaluating room for discounts, and offering new products. Monitoring your net revenue will provide you with the insight you need to understand your overall profitability from month to month.

View your revenue from all orders, including both recurring and one-time payments. Learn more about net revenue.


Membership businesses rely on retention, bringing people back time after time and getting them invested in the brand. Understanding your member churn rate is valuable because it has a direct effect on your service’s profitability.

This metric allows you to compare revenue and members lost to cancellation, and failed payments. Learn more about churn.


Trials give people the chance to experience what it’s like to be a member of your community before taking the leap and making the full financial commitment.

This set of metrics allows you to see how many trials have been started and how many trialing members convert to paying members. Learn more about the trial metrics.

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