Cancellation survey

Members cancel their subscriptions for many reasons, such as they can no longer afford it or the benefits aren’t meeting their expectations. Memberful’s cancellation survey invites your members to answer the question, "Why are you canceling?" You can use their answers to improve your membership, reduce churn, and even win back members who are ready to cancel.

In this help doc:

Enable or disable the cancellation survey

The cancellation survey is enabled by default, but you can change this by navigating to Customize → Cancellation survey and toggling Show cancellation surveys.

Disable survey collection

On this page, you can also preview what your members see when they cancel a subscription.

What does the cancellation survey look like?

When a member chooses to cancel a subscription, Memberful will ask for confirmation.

Confirm cancellation

If they proceed to cancel, we show a cancellation survey with several choices. The cancellation survey is optional, so they can either specify a reason or skip the survey.

Cancellation survey

Members who choose "competition" or "other" are able to offer more details.

Choose other or competition

Edit the possible responses

To edit the cancellation reasons that members can select, navigate to Customize → Cancellation survey, click a category, and then click Edit.

Edit cancellation reason

You can also edit the optional explanation placeholder for the responses that request additional feedback from the member.

Edit placeholder

Hide or show possible responses

To hide or show a cancellation reason, navigate to Customize → Cancellation survey and click the eye icon next to a category.

Show / Hide cancellation reason

Hiding a cancellation category will also hide it from the cancellation survey results and the CSV export.

Review cancellation survey results

To review the results of your cancellation survey, navigate to Analytics → Cancellations.

This page shows the list of cancellation reasons for subscriptions that are currently still active but not renewing (e.g. canceled) and subscriptions that have expired. Once a subscription’s expiration date passes, the survey entry will be moved from the Active tab to the Expired tab.

Active and expired tabs

The top section breaks down the percentage of cancellations by reason.

Cancellations reasons

The table at the bottom lists the individual survey results. In the Active tab, the date column shows the date when the subscription was canceled. In the Expired tab, the date column shows the date when the subscription expired.

Individual survey results

To filter the table by reason, select one from the dropdown box.

Sort by reason

Members who chose "other" or "I chose another service that's a better fit" as the cancellation reason, have the opportunity to share more details. If you see a dotted line under the cancellation reason, hover over it to see the additional context that the member entered.

More details on other or competition

Click Export CSV to download the results as a spreadsheet file.

Export survey results

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