Integrate with Discord

Memberful integrates directly with Discord making it easy to create a members-only community for any topic or industry. We invite paid members to your Discord server and remove their access once their subscription expires.

In this help doc:

Connect to your Discord server

Navigate to Settings → Third-party Services from your Memberful dashboard, and activate the Discord integration.

Discord auth

Select your server from the dropdown and click Continue. If you don't see your server you may be signed into Discord as a user that does not have admin access. If that's the case, sign out of Discord and sign in as the admin, and then follow the Activate link again.

Discord permissions

After selecting your server, you have to grant permissions for the bot. We ask for the following:

Refusing to grant any of these permissions will cause your integration to malfunction.

Once verified, click the Authorize button to connect. After a successful connection, you will be redirected to a configuration page within the Memberful dashboard.

Configure Memberful’s Discord settings

If needed, you can always navigate to Settings → Third-party Services → Discord → Settings and click the "Edit settings" button. Configure the integration to determine who should be able to access your Discord server:

Discord configuration

You can also leverage these roles to set up Role-Exclusive channels in your Discord server.

All members vs. members with an active subscription

Do you want to run an open community where everyone is welcome, but paying members have exclusive roles and possibly access to role-specific channels? Or do you prefer a private server where active members are the only ones allowed in?

The All members setting will allow all of your members into the server, even if they signed up for free. Paying members receive exclusive roles that are removed if their subscription lapses, but they can remain in the server.

The Members with an active subscription setting, on the other hand, only allows your paying members to join the server. They'll receive the exclusive roles you configured but, if their subscription lapses, we'll remove them from the server.

Assign roles based on Plan

You can associate Discord roles with Memberful Plans. When a member subscribes to the Plan, we'll assign them the role you selected. Once you're done, click Update settings.

Discord roles assigned

Once you enable the integration, you may notice that the Memberful bot appears offline. This is normal and expected.

Invite members to join your server

By default, we will show your new members a page after purchase with an invite to join your server. When they click the button, they'll be prompted to authorize the Memberful Discord bot. Learn more about the member experience.

Authorize the Memberful Discord bot after checkout

You can see this redirect setting in your Plan Settings (and even disable it if you choose).

Set Plan redirect settings to show benefits and content after checkout

Additionally, our purchase receipts also include a button for your members to authorize the Memberful Discord bot.

Discord button in purchase receipt

You also may choose to send a separate email inviting members to join the Discord server. To enable this, visit your email template settings and enable sending the Discord invite email. This is optional, but it can give you additional certainty that your members will know how to join your server.

Discord invite

Authorizing the Memberful bot is a required step. Without this step, the member will not get the correct access and / or role on your server.

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