Member website settings

If you’re using Memberful’s hosted website feature, there are several global settings for you to review including enabling/disabling the website, defining whether your site will be private or public, and choosing your theme. This article will walk you through all the available settings.

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Enable or disable the member website

Memberful includes a hosted website feature, which is optional. If you don't want to set up and operate a custom website on your own server, you can enable Memberful's simple hosted member website and get up and running within minutes!

To enable Memberful's hosted website feature, navigate to Website → Settings and turn on the Enable your member website toggle.

Enable member website

Make your site public or private

Once you've enabled the member website, you'll have the option to make your member site public or private.

Public / private setting

Public site

If you set your site as public, visitors will see posts or pages that have not been restricted to free or paid members.

If a post or page has been restricted as members-only, visitors who aren't members will only see a preview of that post or page.

This preview is often referred to as “teaser text.” Teaser text lets visitors see a portion of a restricted post or page, while the rest of it is protected for members only. It’s great for enticing visitors to become a member.

Teaser text

You can also require visitors to create a free member account to read free posts.

Require account free post

Private site

If you set your site as private, only active members will be able to see posts and pages. If a visitor or inactive member lands on a protected page or post, they’ll be prompted to sign in to the site.

page

Navigate to Website → Manage → Site visibility and click the + button and select your global site setting — either public or private.

Keep in mind that posts and pages can always be restricted to specific plans. Visitors and members on other plans will see a locked version.

Choose a theme

Memberful comes with two different themes for your member site: Simple and Publishing. You can preview both themes and choose the one that best fits your brand.

The simple theme is a minimal layout that’s great for personal blogs and portfolios.

Simple theme

The publishing theme offers a layout that is more similar to a magazine.

Publishing theme

You'll also have the option to customize the branding colors on your theme.

Customize your landing page

You can create a customized landing page hosted by Memberful, which will showcase your membership plans.

Navigate to Website → Settings → Landing page and toggle Enable your landing page to enable the landing page.

Enable landing page

Then, navigate to Website → Manage → Landing page, click the + button, and click Edit landing page to customize your landing page. You can also make it your welcome page to use your landing page as the first page that new visitors see when they access your website.

Edit landing page

Customize your hero banner

When the member website is enabled, you'll get the option to add a hero banner at the top of the homepage.

Navigate to Website → Manage → Hero banner and turn on the Enable hero banner toggle to enable this banner.

Enable hero banner

You'll get to upload a background image, and enter a title and a subtitle.

You'll also be able to display a subscribe button, which will be shown to signed-out visitors and inactive members, if you've enabled the landing page.

Hero banner settings

We recommend uploading an image that is at least 1920px wide to ensure the best display quality.

Navigate to Website → Manage → Social links to add social media handles to your site. This is an optional setting but recommended since it’s an easy way to get your site visitors to follow, like, and share your content.

Social media links

They will be displayed at the bottom of your member website's pages.

Social media links displayed on member website pages

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