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Membership plans you create through Memberful must have a minimum price of $1. In some cases, you may want to offer access to your membership program for free. This article describes the different ways you can give members, friends, or staff access to one or all of your membership plans without paying.

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Enable free registration

Our free registration feature enables your members to sign up without any cost or obligation for a paid subscription. This group of free members can be targeted in our WordPress integration, hosted site and newsletter, as well as our email newsletter integrations. Learn more about free registration.

Give free access to a plan indefinitely

To give a member free access to a specific plan indefinitely, navigate to Revenue → Coupons in your Memberful dashboard and create a new, recurring coupon with a 100% discount. The coupon can be applied at checkout by the member or from the dashboard by an admin.

Give plan for free

Give free access to a plan for a limited time

If you'd like to offer free access to members for a limited period, you can offer them a free trial or add a subscription to their account through the Memberful dashboard.

Offer a free trial

To offer a free trial to every new member of your plan, enable the Free trial setting when you create a plan. Keep in mind that we don't support free trials on plans that renew on a specific day of the month.

Free trial setting

If you enable a free trial, this will only apply to new members subscribing to that plan. This won't impact existing members already subscribed.

If you decide to disable this setting later on, it also won't impact existing members already on a free trial.

Add a subscription through the Memberful dashboard

From the member’s profile, scroll down to the Subscriptions section, click Add a new subscription.

Add a new subscription

Select the plan from the dropdown list, uncheck the box Charge credit card for this plan when subscription starts (if the member has a credit card on file), and then click Start the subscription.

Add a new subscription without charging credit card

If the member doesn’t add a method of payment before the next renewal date, their subscription will expire.

Comp access to all plans and downloads

If you'd like to comp access to all plans and downloads (perfect for friends or colleagues), navigate to the Members tab in your Memberful dashboard. Select the member, edit their profile, and check the box: Yes, automatically give access to all downloads and plans.

Give all plans and downloads for free

Keep in mind that the All Access Pass will not will give your member any of the Discord roles that you've configured. If you want the member to get all roles, you’ll need to subscribe them to each of your plans.

To view a list of members with an All Access Pass, navigate to the Members tab and choose the filter All Access Pass members.

All Access Pass filter

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