Configure redirect settings

Actions such as signing in or making a purchase will redirect members to a different page. You can configure Memberful to redirect members to a URL of your choosing in these scenarios. For example, you can redirect members to a "thank you" page on your website after they complete an order, or send them directly to your "member's area" page after signing in.

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Set up plan-specific redirects

By default, we will redirect your member back to the page they were on when they made the purchase. If you’d like to one-time redirect your members to a different page (like a welcome page), you can choose a URL specific to the plan you’re creating via Plans → Select plan → Plan Settings.

Plan specific redirect URL

Redirect to the benefits and content page

If you’ve included other benefits like access to a private podcast or Discord server with your plan, you also have the option to override the default redirect settings and show a page with buttons to access those benefits after checkout.

Redirect to the benefits and content page

Set up a redirect for free registration

If you’ve enabled the free registration setting, you can specify a redirect after sign up.

Set up redirect for free registration

Set up global redirects

Navigate to Settings → Redirects and specify redirect URLs for members when they sign in and out through Memberful. Please note that the sign in redirect URL only works if you've integrated Memberful with a WordPress website.

Set up global redirects

Navigate to Customize → Checkout and specify a redirect URL for all successful orders. Any plan-specific redirect URLs will override this setting.

Checkout redirect

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