Configure redirect settings

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Set up Plan-specific redirects

By default, we will redirect your member back to the page they were on when they made the purchase. If you’d like to one-time redirect your members to a different page (like a welcome page), you can choose a URL specific to the Plan you’re creating via Plans → Select Plan → Plan Settings.

Plan specific redirect URL

Redirect to the podcast subscription page

If you’ve included a podcast with your Plan, you also have the option to override the default redirect settings and show the podcast subscription page after checkout.

Redirect to the podcast subscription page

Set up a redirect for free registration

If you’ve enabled the Free Registration setting via Settings → Plans, you can specify a redirect after sign up.

Set up redirect for free registration

Set up global redirects

Navigate to Settings → Advanced and specify redirect URLs for members when they sign in and out of WordPress. Any plan-specific redirect URLs will override this setting.

Set up global redirects

You may also choose to enable the global redirect URL setting, and redirect to a specific page after any successful order.

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