Import members via CSV

Do you have a list of members you need to import into Memberful?

You can upload a CSV file (a spreadsheet) containing the member data, and they'll be imported into Memberful. You can even specify which plan they should be subscribed to, what their next renewal date should be, and more!

In this help doc:

Populate our sample CSV file with your member data

Navigate to the Members tab, click Import Members, download our sample CSV import file, and import it into Google Sheets to avoid issues with special characters. (Excel generates these special characters so we recommend importing and exporting the CSV via Google Sheets.)

Click the Import members link

Export member data from your current membership system (if applicable) and format it in the Memberful import file. See a list of the fields below.

Make sure you keep the column headers in the first row of the sample CSV intact. If you change the column headers, your CSV import might not work.

Upload your CSV file

From that Import Members page, use the Choose File button to select your CSV, and click Import Members to upload the file and import your members.

It's a good idea to start with only one or two members in your CSV file, checking to see if the members were imported successfully before you upload a file with all the members in it.

If you get an error message after uploading, check the CSV file's column headers. In most cases, the import operation fails due to the column headers not matching our sample CSV file's headers.

Avoid duplicate records in your CSV

Each member's personal details will only be imported from a single row in the spreadsheet. If there are multiple rows of data for the same member, they will only be added as a member once, but plan subscriptions from each row will be added.

Because of this, if you have multiple rows for a member and they all reference the same plan, the member will end up with multiple duplicate subscriptions to the same plan.

Subscribe a member to multiple plans

If you want to subscribe a member to multiple plans, you can do so by including multiple rows for that member and specifying different plans in the Memberful plan name column.

CSV import fields

Here's a reference list of the columns in our sample CSV import file. Make sure you don't change the names of these columns from the sample CSV file.

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