Theme, page builder, and plugin compatibility

Memberful is compatible with almost all themes, page builders, and WordPress plugins. However, once in a while, something just doesn't want to play nicely. Learn about known incompatible themes, page builders, and plugins, as well as using ACF plugin or Memboroni theme.

In this help doc:

Known incompatible themes and page builders

Most WordPress themes and page builders are compatible with Memberful. The only requirement is that they must present post and page content using the default WordPress content function. When those aren't used, the theme or page builder won't work with the Memberful WordPress plugin.

Looking for a WordPress theme? We recommend the Make theme and page builder from our sister company, The Theme Foundry. If you're looking for a separate page builder plugin, we recommend Beaver Builder.

Known incompatible plugins

Using the ACF plugin or Memberoni theme

You can use our Restrict Access tool and memberful_can_user_access_post() in your template file to check if a user should have access to a post. Based on that, you can decide if you want to show them custom content.

if(memberful_can_user_access_post(get_current_user_id(), $post->ID)) {
  // show content
} else {
  // show something else

Related help doc:

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