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Memberful allows you to publish content through an email newsletter as well as a Memberful-hosted website—no external email provider or website needed. In this help article, we'll cover how to use the member website, from creating and managing posts to selecting audiences, controlling comments, choosing publishing methods, scheduling, and viewing published content.

In this help doc:

Enable the member website

To enable Memberful's hosted website feature, navigate to Website → Settings and turn on the Enable your member website toggle.

Enable member website

Create a new post

Navigate to Website → Posts from your Memberful dashboard and click Create a post.

Create a Post

Add a title and content for your post. Use the icons at the top of the content editor to format your content and add elements like links and images.

Add title and content

You can also drag and drop images from your computer into the content editor. We will automatically downsize images that are larger than 768px wide.

Drag and drop images

To embed a video, paste the URL of a video from Youtube or Vimeo into the content editor, and it will be automatically embedded. Only YouTube and Vimeo videos are supported at this time.

Embed videos into posts

While you're in the editor, we'll display a thumbnail of your video as a placeholder, but it will be replaced with the actual embedded video when you publish or preview the post.

Emails can't contain embedded videos, so if you're publishing via email, we'll show the thumbnail of your video with a play icon enticing your readers to click to view the full video.

Preview a post

Click Preview to see what this post will look like to your members.

Preview button

Keep in mind that certain elements are not displayed in the post preview. For example, the actual emailed post will include your custom branding elements while the preview does not.

Save a draft

Click Save draft if you're not ready to email or publish your work.

Save draft

Navigate to Posts → Drafts to access and view all your drafts.

View drafts

Click Send test email to see an emailed preview of what your members will receive.

Send test email]

Select an audience to target

Your post can be made available to all members, active member on all plans, active members on select plans, or free and inactive members.

Post audience target

When you choose to target only members of selected plans, you can select which plans should be included.

Post audience — select plans

Create or select a post category

Categories allow you to easily organize your posts on your hosted member site. Members will be able to select from a posts dropdown button to view posts from that category.

Post categories

Navigate to Website → Posts → More actions → Manage post categories.

Manage post categories

To create create a new category click Create post category.

Post settings

After creating your categories, you can also rename or delete them from your Manage post categories setting.

Rename or delete categories

You can then select your post category or click Add new category to manage your categories.

Access categories from post

Enable or disable comments and likes

Memberful allows your members to comment on posts you've published to the web, and to 'like' those posts as well. Learn more about comments and likes.

Comments and likes section

Choose to publish via email or website

With posts, you can:

To access your post settings, click Settings.

Post settings

You can choose to deliver your posts via email, website, or both.

Publish via email or website

If you choose to publish this post to your Memberful-hosted website, your Target Audience setting will determine who can visit the published page.

If you choose to send this post via email, your Target Audience setting will determine who will receive the email.

When you choose to target only free and inactive members, your post can be sent by email, but it can't be published to your member website.

Schedule or publish a post

You can schedule your post to be published immediately or sent sometime in the future.

You can send up to ten emails per day. Posts cannot be sent via email or scheduled while in test mode. Connect to Stripe to enable this setting. If you need to send more than ten emails per day, contact us to discuss your use case and how we might support it.

To schedule a post for later, select Schedule to publish in the future and enter a date and time.

Schedule post

The timezone that is used for this can be changed by visiting SettingsCurrency and localization.

Account time zone

Click Publish to email and/or publish your newsletter immediately or schedule it for the future.

Publish post

All-access pass holders and group members are included in the count of how many members will receive a message. This means that the number of recipients may differ from the total number of subscribers in the targeted plans.

All-access pass members are included in recipient count.png

View your published posts

If you've chosen to publish posts to your member website, your members can find these posts at:

Replace YOURSITE with your actual account URL subdomain, which can be found via Settings → Website name and URL.

Make sure you've enabled the member website, too.

Click View live post to view the post on the member-hosted site as an admin.

Admin View Post]

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