Modify a member's subscription

Memberful provides an intuitive payment and account management experience for your members which means you’ll spend less time providing customer support. However, there may be instances where you need to modify a member's subscription, and you can easily do so from the Memberful dashboard.

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Toggle auto-renew on or cancel a subscription

You can toggle auto-renew on or cancel a subscription for a member and also restart an expired subscription. Locate the member using the search bar in your Memberful dashboard and then click the subscription in their profile.

Click subscription

You can enable auto-renew or cancel the subscription.

Cancel subscription auto-renew

You can restart their subscription.

Restart subscription

Edit a member’s custom amount

If you've enabled the setting, Let Members choose what to pay, you may need to edit the amount they're contributing.

Under Custom price click Change and enter a new amount that’s equal-to or greater than the plan’s minimum price. The member will be charged this amount at their new renewal, and all renewals going forward.

Edit price

Delete a subscription

Navigate to the member's profile, click the subscription link, and click Delete subscription in the bottom lefthand corner of the window.

Delete subscription

Change a renewal date

Navigate to the member's profile, click the subscription link, and change the renewal to a later date.

Change date

Change plans

If you've added multiple plans to a plan group, you can switch a member's plan for another one in the same plan group.

Navigate to the member's profile, click the Change button, and select a different plan from the list. Your member will be charged accordingly.

Change the member's plan

Add a coupon to a subscription

Navigate to Revenue → Coupons, and create a coupon. Then navigate to the member’s profile, click the subscription link, and add the coupon code.

Coupon applied

To add a coupon during an upgrade, click change next to the plan name, choose the new plan, and then apply the coupon code.

Change the members plan

Manage group subscriptions

Group plans are plans that contain multiple memberships purchased and managed by a single account. Learn how to manage group subscriptions.

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