Migrate from Substack

Need to import your members from Substack to Memberful? We provide hands-on support! Since Memberful and Substack both use Stripe, you can keep all of your subscribers' payment information when you migrate over — creating a seamless experience with no interruptions.

In this help doc:

Why make the move

With Memberful, you have more control over the entire look and feel of the member experience: We’re happy to take a back seat so you can establish a more direct relationship with your audience.

Integrate Memberful with your favorite email marketing service (like Mailchimp, ConvertKit, Campaign Monitor, Drip, MailerLite, or Sailthru), or use our super simple, in-house newsletter service. You can also create a more holistic membership offering: Use our WordPress integration to gate content on your site and connect to Discord or Discourse to create a members-only community.

Set up Memberful

Set up takes less than 15 minutes.

  1. Open a Memberful account.
  2. Integrate your email newsletter provider like ConvertKit or Mailchimp, or use Memberful’s newsletter delivery tool.
  3. Create your plans and connect to Stripe.

We will migrate your members

We manage the member subscription within Memberful. When it's time to charge, we charge the customer credit card stored in Stripe.

  1. Tell us how to map your Stripe Subscriptions to your Memberful plans.
  2. Contact Substack and ask them to detach your Stripe account from your Substack account.
  3. We will migrate all your active subscriptions to Memberful, and delete the Stripe Subscriptions to avoid duplicate charges.
  4. (Optional) Import your free subscribers directly into Mailchimp, ConvertKit, or whatever email newsletter provider you're using.

Re-launch your membership

Launch Memberful on your website!

  1. Add the Memberful purchase links to your website or use Memberful's hosted subscribe page instead.
  2. Email members and tell them about the new system. When a member lands on the sign in form, they’ll enter their email address. Memberful will send them an email with a link they can click to sign in.
  3. Close your Substack account.

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