Apply and manage coupons

Coupon codes offer easy ways to incentivize new members to join, retain existing members, and win back members who may have cancelled. In this article, learn how members can use coupons and how you can manage coupons from your dashboard.

In this help doc:

Apply a coupon as a member

Depending on the settings you select, members can apply a coupon code at checkout, to an existing subscription, or when changing plans.

Keep in mind that:

How a member can apply a coupon code at checkout

You must have at least one coupon enabled for the coupon field to be displayed in the purchase form, and staff members can choose to hide this field.

New coupon

You can also add coupons automatically with a link:

The &coupon=COUPONCODE part at the end is what is applying the coupon. Replace COUPONCODE with your own coupon code.

A more exact URL is available from the coupon edit view.

Coupon automatically linked

How a member can apply a coupon code to an existing subscription

To add a coupon to an existing subscription, members can navigate to the Subscriptions menu item in their account, click Add coupon, and apply the coupon code.

Apply coupon to existing subscription

How a member can apply a coupon code during a plan upgrade

To add a coupon during a plan upgrade, members can navigate to the Subscriptions menu item in their account, click Change plan, and apply the coupon code.

Coupon during upgrade

If you've chosen to apply a prorated credit to upgrades in your Plan Groups settings, and the charge-after-coupon is less than the credit for unused time, the credit will not be carried over to the new subscription.

Hide the coupon field from checkout

You can choose to hide the coupon field from the checkout and gift checkout forms. Navigate to Customize → Checkout to enable this setting.

Hide coupon field

When this setting is enabled, coupons can still be applied by URL, but not by entering the coupon code in the checkout form.

This setting doesn't affect manual renewals and plan changes. So even with this setting checked, if the account has coupons that can be applied to existing subscriptions, the coupon field will appear in the renewal / plan change form.

Manage coupons as an admin

From the Memberful dashboard, you can apply and manage your coupons.

Staff apply a coupon code

From the Memberful dashboard, staff can apply a coupon code to a member’s subscription, and are not bound by certain coupon settings. Specifically, staff can apply the same coupon multiple times to the same member.

To apply a coupon to an existing subscription, navigate to the member’s profile, click the subscription link, and add the coupon code.

Apply coupon]

To add a coupon during a plan upgrade, click change next to the plan name, choose the new plan, and then apply the coupon code.

Change plan]

Disable coupon

Edit, disable, or delete your coupon

Navigate to Discounts → Coupons to see a list of all your coupons.

Coupons list

Click the Edit button next to one of the coupons in the list to edit, disable, or delete it.

Disable a coupon

If you disable a coupon, it won't affect members who are already using it, but it will no longer be applicable.

Disable coupon

Enable a coupon

Click Enable coupon to make a coupon available for use.

Enable coupon

Delete a coupon

If you delete the coupon, it will be removed from all subscriptions that use it. This action is not reversible.

Delete coupon

Track coupon usage

You can see a list of all the instances in which members used your coupon by clicking View coupon usage from the coupon's edit page.

Access coupon usage

On this page you can see the total revenue generated from the coupon, which members used the coupon, which order type it was used on (new order, renewal, etc.), whether it's still in use, how many payments it's been applied to, and when it was first applied.

You can also filter the list or export it using the buttons in the top right.

Coupon usage

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