Choose your language

Memberful supports 15 different languages and 3 English-speaking locales. This applies to all member-facing pages like your checkout, member profiles, and all transactional emails. All members will see the language that you select, and they cannot choose their own custom language.

To select your language, go to Settings → Currency and Localization in your Memberful dashboard.

Choose your language

In addition to translated words, your selected language will also localize the formatting of dates and currencies through your member-facing pages. In your Memberful dashboard, you'll see a preview of those localizations when you select different languages. You’ll also see an option to process your payments in a different currency.

Memberful supports the following languages:

Additionally, Memberful supports three English-speaking locales:

If you don’t see your language listed and would like us to support it, please contact us.

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