Customize branding

Customers on the Pro plan or Premium plan can customize the branding of their Memberful pages. To customize your branding, go to Customize → Branding in your Memberful dashboard.

In this help doc:

Upload a logo image

When you upload a logo, we will display it on all standalone and mobile pages, including Memberful Posts, and transactional emails. Images must be either a JPG or PNG file, no larger than 5MB. If you have a rectangular logo, we recommend that it be at least 560px wide. If you have a square or circular logo, we recommend that it be at least 160px x 160px.

Logo guidelines

Click Choose image to select a file from your computer to upload.

Choose a logo to upload

To remove a logo that you’ve already uploaded, click Remove. Your changes will be made public after clicking Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

Remove a logo image

Choose a button color

Memberful’s customization tools allow you to choose a unique color for the main action button at the bottom of most Memberful pages. This includes the Sign in button, Place an order button, Update your profile button, etc.

Remove a logo image

To set your button color, input a hex value, or in most web browsers, use a color picker. To use a hex value, either paste or type in a valid 6-digit hex value in the field. The circle to the left will reflect the color you’ve put in.

Input a hex value

Most modern browsers support the ability to use a native color picker as well. Click the circular color swatch to launch the color picker, if your browser supports it. As you interact with the color picker (it looks a little bit different on a Mac vs. a PC), the corresponding hex value will show up in the text field, and the live preview below will reflect the currently selected color.

Using the color picker

If you ever want to reset your color to the Memberful default blue color, click Reset to default to the left of the color swatch.

Reset colors to default

Choose a page background color

The process of choosing a page background color works exactly the same way as for choosing a button color. Please see Choose a button color for detailed instructions. The background color will be applied to your Memberful transactional emails, Posts, pages, forms, etc.

Branded Posts

Preview your changes

To make sure you’re satisfied with any changes you’ve made before you make them public, you can see a live preview of your logo and colors at the bottom of the page. Use this as a guide to make sure the colors look accurate, match your brand, and are readable!

Custom background color

Remove Memberful badge

Accounts on the Starter plan and Pro plan show a "Powered by Memberful" badge in the bottom-left corner of the page when our pop-up overlay is being displayed.

Memberful Badge

This badge will be hidden automatically when you switch to the Premium plan.

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