Add or remove group members

Group plans are subscriptions that contain multiple memberships purchased and managed by a single account. They are a great solution for companies, groups, or schools that have a single point of contact but are purchasing access for multiple people.

Group subscription managers can add and remove group members from their account. You can also add or remove group members from the Memberful dashboard.

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Add or remove group members from the dashboard

If the member doesn’t exist, add a new member via the Members tab in the Memberful dashboard. You can also import multiple members in bulk via our CSV import file; the only required fields are First name and Email.

Search for the group subscription manager and click the group subscription in their profile.

View group subscription

Search for the member via name or email in the Add a member to this group field. Select the member and click Add to group. We will update the total member seats in use, which may or may not include the group subscription manager, depending on whether or not the Group manager is also a member setting is toggled on or off.

Add group members

You can also remove a member from the group subscription, and free up that member's seat by clicking Remove.

Group subscription remove member

Exclude the group manager from the seat count

Group managers take up a seat in a group subscription, and receive member benefits, by default. However, they have the choice to be excluded from the seat count, and keep their involvement to just billing and member management. Both you, as a site admin, and the group subscription manager, can access this setting.

Learn how group subscription managers can access this setting from their accounts.

To access this setting as an admin, locate the group subscription manager in the dashboard and click the subscription in their profile.

Click subscription

Toggle off the Group manager is also a member setting.

Group manager seat setting

Now the group subscription manager will no longer be included in the total seat count and will not receive member benefits (newsletters, Discord access, gated content, etc.).

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