Accept external payments

Group plans are Plans that contain multiple memberships purchased and managed by a single account. They are a great solution for companies, groups, or schools that have a single point of contact but are purchasing access for multiple people.

You may have a large group that requests to pay for their subscription through external means (wire transfer, paper cheque, etc.) instead of using a credit card via the Memberful purchase form. In these cases, you can mark the group subscription as having been paid externally.

If the subscription is paid externally, Memberful will not attempt to charge a credit card when the renewal date comes. Instead, you must manually record individual payments to renew the subscription, add member seats, etc. Each external payment will be available as a regular activity item and included alongside all of your other metrics.

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Add an external payment

If the group manager doesn’t already exist, add them as a new member, and then add the new subscription to their profile.

Add a new subscription

From the subscription view, first enable external payments.

Enable external payments

Once the payment is received, click Add external payment and indicate if the subscription should be renewed or not.

Add an external payment

You can also add an optional note along with each payment to indicate what it was for or to associate it with an external invoicing ID number.

External payment details

Managing renewals for an external payment

Once external payments are enabled for a particular subscription, you can toggle auto-renew on or off for the group manager from the dashboard.

Externally paid group subscriptions that have Auto-renew enabled will remain active — even after their renewal date has passed.

Group managers will see that Auto-renew is enabled on the Subscription tab in their account.

Group plan auto renew external payment on

If you disable auto-renew that field is no longer visible in their group manager account page, but does not expire the subscription:

Group plan auto renew external payment off

To deactivate the group subscription disable auto-renew and disable Enable external payments.

Disable external payments

This will deactivate the group subscription on the current renewal date. If you'd like to deactivate the subscription at an earlier date, you can change the subscription renewal date.

Add additional members

Group managers that pay for group subscriptions externally must contact you directly to add more member seats to their group subscription.

Once you arrange payment, navigate to the group subscription manager's profile in the Memberful dashboard and click the subscription link. From there you can adjust the number of additional member seats available to their group. This is the number of members included with their subscription in addition to the base number of member seats included with the plan.

Add additional members manually

Group managers that aren't paying externally can purchase additional seats from their member account.

Enable email notifications

When externally paid subscriptions have Auto-renew enabled, the member's access will be maintained even though the subscription is marked as past due. Memberful will send you an email 30 days before an externally paid subscription is set to renew and the day after the renewal date if it becomes past due. You can turn these notification emails on or off via the Account tab in your Memberful dashboard.

External payment details

External payments that you record within Memberful are not subject to any transaction fee. However, there is a $0.20 monthly fee for each externally paid seat that is in use.

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