Create a Group plan

Group plans allow you to sell multiple memberships which are purchased, distributed, and managed by a single account. They are a great solution for companies, groups, or schools that have a single point of contact, but are purchasing access for multiple people.

Group subscription checkout

In this help doc:

Create a plan

Navigate to the plans tab from your Memberful dashboard and click New Plan.

Enable group subscriptions

Toggle on the group subscriptions setting and specify the number of members to be included by default.

Group subscriptions

You can allow or disallow the purchase of future additional member seats under the same account, along with a custom price per additional member. If you don't specify a maximum number of additional member seats allowed for purchase, the maximum will be unlimited.

Group subscriptions

Set the price

Your price should reflect the number of member seats included by default. For example, if each member costs $10 / month, and you're including 10 members with the initial purchase, set your price as $100 / month.

Name and price

After you fill in your settings, click Save plan. Once you do, you’ll see a full plan summary so you can review your settings at a glance and access the purchase link.

Plan summary

You can also share suggested member seats by passing the amount through a query string at the end of the purchase link URL. Query strings allow you to communicate certain preferences to Memberful through the URL. For example, to include 10 members with a subscription, the URL would look like this:

Replace YOURSITE with your actual account URL sudomain, which can be found in your Memberful dashboard via Account → Account settings. Also replace the number 2 with your own plan ID, which you can find in your plan's purchase link.

Enable welcome emails

Memberful can send separate welcome emails to group managers and group members. Navigate to Customize → Email to see the welcome emails sent by Memberful and customize the messaging.

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