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Memberful allows you to set up a simple website with members-only posts as well as content pages that can be accessed by everyone. These public pages can be used to share information about your organization, to offer free samples of your members-only content, or to invite visitors to become members.

In this help doc:

Enable the member website

To enable Memberful's hosted website feature, navigate to Website → Settings and turn on the Enable your member website toggle.

Enable member website

Create a new page

To create a new page, navigate to Website → Pages from your Memberful dashboard, click Create, and select Page.

Add a title and content for your page. Use the icons at the top of the content editor to format your content and add elements like links and images.

Add title and content

You can also drag and drop images from your computer into the content editor.

Drag and drop images

To embed a video, simply paste the URL of a video from Youtube or Vimeo into the content editor, and it will be automatically embedded. Only YouTube and Vimeo videos are supported at this time.

While you're in the editor, we'll display a thumbnail of your video as a placeholder, but it will be replaced with the actual embedded video when you publish or preview the page.

Embed videos into pages

(Optional) Enter Focus mode while you write

To help you get into the flow of writing, we've included a Focus mode that expands the editor and minimizes distractions.

Click Focus mode to try it out!

Enter Focus mode

Preview the page

To see a preview of what this page will look like to your members, click Preview.

Preview button

Keep in mind that the preview doesn't show all the elements that will surround the content of the page on your Memberful-hosted website, such as a navigation bar at the top, a footer at the bottom, and a paywall inviting non-members to subscribe.

Select who can see this page

Your pages can be made available to everyone (including non-members), members of all your Plans, or only to members of selected Plans.

Page audience target

When you choose to target only members of selected Plans, you can select which Plans should be included.

Page audience — select Plans

Enable Allow others to see a preview to allow users without access to see the title and a short preview of the content leading to a paywall. They can also click Subscribe from the navigation bar to sign up.

Allow others to see a preview

Subscribe link

Pick a navigation label

By default, the navigation label for your page will be the title of the page. You can change this by entering a new label under Navigation label.

Navigation label

If you later make this page your homepage, the navigation label will also be used in the member account area menu.

Navigation label in member account area

Edit the page URL

Memberful will automatically generate a URL for your page based on the title. You can specify a custom URL instead by entering it into the Page URL field.

Edit page URL

Keep in mind that this only determines what comes after your Memberful website's domain name and the /page/ subdirectory. For example, if your Memberful website is, and you enter cupcake-recipe as the page URL, the full URL for the page will be

Publish the page

When you're ready to publish your page, enable Publish page. If you later want to unpublish the page, you can disable this option.

Publish page

View a published page

Once you've published a page and enabled the member website, you'll be able to view it on the live website by clicking View page.

View page

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