Segment and personalize your member communications

Leverage our custom fields in your email service provider

Memberful supports the collection of up to 5 custom fields right after members complete the checkout form. You can now leverage these custom fields in our email newsletter integrations to create more advanced workflows.

Target the right members 🎯

Fields with pre-defined options (checkbox and dropdown) are perfect for segmenting subscribers — you could ask where they consume your content or what benefits they're interested in seeing. Here's how you could use custom field answers to create a segment in Mailchimp:

Segment using custom fields

Personalize communications ✍️

Fields with free-form answers (text and comment) are great for personalizing email campaigns with things like nicknames, Discord/social handles, etc. Here's how you could use custom field answers to personalize your greetings in Mailchimp:

Personalize using custom fields

Get started 🚀

To access these fields in your email integration, read the article that's right for you:

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