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Product update
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When we talk to customers at the help desk, we often get questions like, “How can I move a group to a different plan?” or “Where can I see an overview of seats-in-use for all subscriptions on a group plan?” We’re answering these questions (and more!) with these 6 handy updates.

Change of plans? No problem!

For individual members who want to level up and get subscriber access for their entire team, we’ve made it simple to move from a single plan to a group plan—or from one group plan to another—without any effort on your end! Learn more →

Change plans

It’s a cinch to switch group managers

It’s common for people to leave companies or change their roles so we've made it much easier to switch group managers for you and your members. Learn more →

Promote manager

Group managers can manage the subscription without using a seat

Easily exclude a group manager from taking up a seat (and receiving member benefits) with a new subscription-level setting. Learn more →

Group manager is also a member

Eliminate friction with externally paid subscriptions

You now have full control over auto-renew which will help manage expectations around subscriptions paid externally. Learn more →

Control auto-renew status

Easier access to the Manage Members page

Group managers can more easily access the Manage Members page through a universal URL that you can add to a button on your site or share through support channels. Learn more →

View seat usage at a glance 👀

We’ve made it easier for you to understand the performance of your group subscriptions, at a glance, with a seat usage view.

Track usage

We're excited to hear how these updates lighten your load! 💫 If you have any questions about these updates, contact us at the help desk. We'll be happy to help.

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