Increase engagement and retention with Comments & Likes

Product update
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We made Memberful a place to publish content (without a website!) when we launched our native email newsletter tool (“Posts”) last October. We’ve now made Posts a place where you can build and foster a community around your content with the addition of Comments & Likes.

Your members can engage just like they do on other popular platforms by liking posts and comments, posting their own comments, as well as editing and deleting them.

Commenting on a post

You can enable, disable, or lock these options at any time - giving you full control over the community experience.

Enable or disable comments and likes

See which Posts resonate and moderate your community

As an admin, you can view any published Post when you’re logged into your Memberful dashboard as well as write comments and delete abusive ones. You can also track the engagement level of all Posts and sort them by the most comments and likes to help inform future Post topics.

Track engagement in the dashboard

Keep members coming back for more with notifications

Members engage more often when they feel like the community is alive, so they’ll get notified of new likes on their comments if they have any Posts open in their web browser. This is disabled for members by default (and not available on iOS and Chrome for Android) but they can enable it from the Posts index page.

Get notified of new likes on their comments

Increase member retention with Comments & Likes

So, see what creativity you can unlock when you start viewing your membership as a synergistic community. We hope this opens a world of possibilities!

To learn more, check out our help documentation.

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