Introducing themes for member websites


Back in June 2023, we launched member sites that seamlessly integrate members-only emails, exclusive content, and enticing teasers. It's a simple-to-use home for membership where you maintain control and ownership of your voice and messaging.

Today, we’re releasing a wave of exciting updates, empowering you to craft something distinctly your own and curate a one-of-a-kind experience for your valued members.

Say hello to themes

We’re kicking things off by introducing two themes — Publishing and Simple! A theme is a pre-designed layout that you can easily apply to your hosted member website. The theme impacts your site’s homepage, navigation, and font, and how images and text are displayed within a post.

Choose a theme

The Publishing theme has a magazine-type layout — great for publishers of all kinds.

Publishing theme

The Simple theme has more of a minimal feel for those who have a “less is more” aesthetic.

Simple theme

Encourage visitors to dig deeper with a dedicated homepage

A homepage is crucial in making a positive first impression, conveying the site’s purpose, and guiding visitors to explore further and become paying members. That’s why we’ve added a setting that lets you add a headline, description, and hero image to any page to make it work like a real homepage. The design is user-friendly and visually appealing to enhance the overall user experience.

Member site homepage

Entice new members with feature images

Feature images play an important role in attracting readers, summarizing content, representing the brand, and enhancing the overall visual appeal and storytelling of a blog post. That’s why we’re now capturing the first image of a post and using it as an official featured image.

Feature image

Build a beautiful member website in minutes

Want to create a unique experience for your members? Check out our help docs to learn more about using themes for your member website.

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