Personalize the podcast experience for your members

Personalized podcasts

As a podcaster running a membership business, the go-to spot for your subscribers to engage with you and your content is the audio feeds where you release your members-only episodes.

Starting today, you can provide special audio episodes to your subscribers, triggered by events related to their subscriptions. They can enjoy these episodes alongside regular content, fostering a stronger connection with you and your brand. Moreover, they can take action to ensure that their subscription stays active.

Easily upload special episodes

Navigate to any podcast in your Memberful dashboard (Media → Podcasts) to see the new Dynamic Episodes section.

Dynamic episodes

From there, you can easily upload both welcome and expiration episodes, and episode descriptions.

Upload audio files

Give newbies a warm welcome

We've now incorporated members' names into the titles of their private feeds. This not only imparts a feeling of exclusivity and special connection but also serves as a subtle deterrent against sharing their personalized feeds. The welcome episode is delivered as soon as the member subscribes to the feed, and will be removed after 30 days. It’s shown at the top of the feed so listeners can’t miss it!

Welcome episode

This episode can be used for many things like explaining how a membership program works, announcing seasonal benefits, and creating a deeper connection with members.

Winback churned members

Previously, when a member stopped paying, their feed would stop updating but they could still access old episodes. Now, if you've published a subscription-expired episode, the entire feed will be replaced by this episode until the subscription is reactivated.

Expired episode

This episode can be used to explain why a member's feed stopped working and how to restore access. For some sites, the podcast is the only channel of communication with members, so this is a valuable tool to reduce involuntary churn.

Get started

Dynamic Episodes are live today! Check out our help doc to create a more personalized podcast experience for your members.

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