5 membership newsletter tips

Membership newsletter tips.

An informative newsletter provides value to members even when they're not signed in to your site. Maximize that value—and promote ongoing membership—with these five membership newsletter tips.

1. Provide actionable information

When your newsletter lands in a member’s inbox, it must compete for attention with everything from work emails to spam. Encourage members to invest time in your newsletter by providing actionable information that can enhance their business or personal lives. Start with an action-oriented subject line, such as Monetize your blog in ten steps. Then, follow through with a comprehensive feature article that helps your members reach that goal.

Avoid announcing secondary information in your subject line because members may feel disappointed if they open a newsletter expecting to see an in-depth article about blog monetization, only to find a short blurb in the sidebar.

2. Build community through member involvement

Newsletters are an ideal place to cultivate community involvement because they can reach all members, even those who haven't signed in to your site in a while. Build on that sense of community by inviting members to contribute their own actionable articles, recipes, or artwork. In addition to member submissions, consider showcasing member success stories, interviewing subject matter experts in your membership community, or allowing members to share short messages in an announcement section.

3. Highlight exclusive benefits

Remind members of the exclusive perks of subscribing to your site. This includes free or discounted access to classes, conventions, networking events, and webcasts. And of course, don’t forget to gently mention sales or limited-time offers on products and services, including ebooks and individual consulting opportunities.

4. Drive traffic to your website

Boost member traffic on your website by linking your newsletter to relevant web content. For example, if your newsletter features a recipe for Szechuan chicken, link to similar recipes or demonstration videos (more about creating a video membership site). Or, invite members to your forum to share their own recipes. Members are more likely to sign in if they have a specific goal—and a handy link to reach that goal.

5. Tailor the message for multiple audiences

When it comes to newsletters, one size doesn’t always fit all. Luckily, advanced email software, such as Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor, make it easy to customize recipient lists for specific audiences. If you're using Memberful, we'll sync your subscribers and their plan. So, if you offer tiered membership, entry-level members can receive access to blog post content, while premium-level members also get a link to a bonus webinar. You can also request feedback from those who have bought a specific plan.

Now it's your turn

What entices you to open a newsletter? Have you noticed any recent newsletter trends that miss the mark? Start thinking about how you can apply these ideas when writing your own member newsletters.

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