Customize the member experience with our powerful Visual Editor

Product update
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We know how important it is for you to tailor Memberful to your specific needs, designing a membership flow that’s just right for your customers.

That’s why we’re excited to launch a powerful, new Visual Editor, making it easier for you to understand which features are customizable and how they interact.

Quickly design the touch points of your membership

From uploading your logo and setting your brand colors, to building a form to collect important info from your members, our Visual Editor provides an intuitive way for you to design the perfect checkout and after-checkout flow.

Upload your logo and set you brand colors

Visualize the member experience across devices

Preview all Memberful-hosted pages across desktop and mobile devices and make changes on the fly. All settings update in real-time so you can put yourself right in your members' shoes!

Visual Editor

Release your inner designer!

To get started, head to the Customize tab in your dashboard, and select one of the 5 customizable areas.

Customize tab

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