New feature: Acquire new members with Paid Trials

Announcing paid trials

Before today, you could offer a free trial to potential members (with or without a credit card required), which would then convert to the full membership price after a set number of days. This is still available as an option, but we’ve expanded upon this feature and given our customers the ability to charge for their trials.

Paid trials give people the chance to experience what it’s like to be a member in your community before taking the leap and making the full financial commitment. By eliminating cost as a reason to say no, you’re lowering a potential member’s barrier to entry. People are able to become a paying member temporarily, and ‘try before they buy.’

Setting up a paid trial is one-click simple

In your Memberful Dashboard, paid trials look like a simple extension of the free trial feature. You can now set a price for the duration of the trial, which then converts to the full plan price when the trial expires.

Enabling paid trials

Attract serious leads

Here’s what your members-to-be will see when they sign up for your membership.

How paid trials looks to members

Trial and improvement

Enjoy offering a sample membership experience while still being compensated for your work. To learn more, go to our help documentation. Happy trials!

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